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Our goal is to provide formulas that contain all the nutrients necessary for a fit and healthy life.

About - She+ - Fisher

The She+ philosophy: To provide the best nutrients for women

This requires complete formulas and high-quality ingredients to ensure that each woman has the necessary nutrient intake for optimum vitality and well-being.
Our formulas contain 20 to 30 nutrients so that every woman has everything her body needs to feel fit. She+ products specifically address different situations and life phases so that nutrients are adapted to each woman.
The quality is mainly based on a conscious choice of ingredients that are highly assimilable by the body (optimal bioavailability). Often the ingredients used on the market are not sufficiently absorbable by the body, even with an intake of the recommended dose. The body rejects a large proportion of the intake indicated in the nutritional table. We have, therefore, chosen the ingredients with the best absorption by the body so that the nutritional intakes are maximised.

Specialist in complete and effective nutritional supplements

She+ is a brand by Fisher that specialises in the marketing of high-end nutritional supplements. What sets Fisher apart? The guarantee of the quality and efficiency of each product. Fisher’s objective is to offer complete formulas adapted to different needs, to choose ingredients that are highly assimilable by the body, all in line with the highest quality and safety standards on the market. Fisher offers a wide range of products to meet the nutritional needs of as many people as possible. All products are manufactured in Europe and marketed in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

About - She+ - Fisher

Being able to enjoy life begins with feeling fit

About - She+ - Fisher

Efficient, reliable & safe products

In addition to giving emphasis to highly absorbable ingredients and complete formulas, our quality is also determined by the production process. Even if it is not an obligation in the sector, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of our products, we have decided to apply the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) standards of the pharmaceutical industry for all our products. The development and production are, therefore, carried out exclusively in GMP-certified pharmaceutical laboratories. These standards, which are the most stringent in the pharmaceutical market, require numerous tests throughout the development and production process.

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