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Premium quality

All the nutrients needed by women in a highly absorbable form.

20 to 30 nutrients per product: really everything a woman’s body needs

Finding nutritional supplements with 100% complete formulas adapted to meet the needs of every woman is not an easy task. Either there are missing nutrients, or the formula is not adapted to her personal situation. That is why we developed She+ which was designed to meet all the needs of the female woman’s body in every situation or phase of her life. Each She+ formula contains 20 to 30 nutrients in order to provide all the nutrients a woman needs. Thus, whatever her situation or phase of life, taking She+ helps to complete the diet, so that each woman is in top condition and can, therefore, fully enjoy her life.

Premium quality - She+ - Fisher

A high-quality nutritional supplement means that the woman notices a real improvement

Premium quality - She+ - Fisher

Highly absorbable formulas with a maximum of natural and GMO-free ingredients

When a woman is looking for a dietary supplement, she often only looks at the nutrients list and at the % of the daily recommended intake. However, this is misleading because many products on the market do not use ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body. This means that a large part of the intake will not be integrated but instead rejected by the body through urine. The indicated ingredient contributions are, therefore, not relevant in this case.
This is not the case with She+ products. For She+ we have carefully selected the highest quality ingredients so that the body can absorb as much as possible of all the nutrients (maximum bioavailability). The results are, therefore, optimally effective and every woman can actually feel a real improvement.
We also make sure to use as many natural ingredients as possible and no GMOs in both the active ingredients and the coatings around the tablets and capsules.

The highest pharmaceutical standards

Nutritional supplements do not have to be produced in certified laboratories. This raises questions about the quality of the products placed on the market. For us, ensuring quality and safety is essential. This is why we have chosen to implement the pharmaceutical industry’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practises) standards, which are the best quality standards available. This means that all our She+ products are developed and produced in certified laboratories. Good Manufacturing Process standards require a rigorous system of laboratory tests throughout the entire production process, from the selection and supply of the ingredients to their production.

Premium quality - She+ - Fisher

Specialist in food supplements “Made in Germany”.